What has 6th grade has done to me

I know, I know the title seems kinda harsh but just hear me out (also these are good things not bad things). First, I MADE SO MANY FRIENDS, like Jude. I always thought Jude was just another one of those kids in athletics that I would sometimes do the workouts with, but after some time we became pretty good friends. Another thing 6th grade has done to me is make me sad that summer is coming, like think about all the fun times you have with your friends out in the field or during lunch. I’m really sad that I have to spend like 3 months without seeing my friends everyday, like even if one of my friends are sick one day the day feels completely empty and boring : (. Another thing that 6th grade has done to me is get me to go outside more often, like during athletics. When I was young I never thought that I would ever be able to workout every week consistently but MS athletics and the coaches got me to push through it, and I am so happy for that because I feel a lot more like alive now then when I would just sit down all day doing nothing. 6th grade is definitely one of my favorite school years because we have a lot more freedom than in our elementary years where we had to go in our lines and had a teacher with us at all times. Also on top of that we can talk to our friends more like during lunch and advisory, while were only allowed to talk to our friends during recess in elementary school. To wrap this all up, I’m so excited for 7th grade and all the fun I’m gonna have over the summer.  This is me btw

Week 3 and 4 book club questions FIAT

  1.  Ally realizes that she can read like anyone else just fine if she tries hard enough even if she has dyslexia or a reading disorder. | Ally is presenting Roy G. Biv to the class with confidence in her reading and presenting after Mr. Daniels helps her and talks to her
  2. Albert was being mean to Keisha and Ally so they both tried to talk to him and make him laugh and give him a better mood.
  3. If you are being picked on or bullied tell the person to stop and if they dont tell a teacher or an adult

week 5 and 6 book club questions FIAT

  1. Brave | Ally was scared to do public speaking or read in front of the class but by the end of the book (and with Mr. Daniels help) She was able to present to the class about Roy G. Biv
  2. By the next 10 years I want to make a social media page that blows up and becomes famous all over whatever social media I’m on
  3. I give the book a 5 out of 5 stars rating. The book had really good story telling and character development. The author did a really good job describing the setting and characters in the story.

Week 2 Book Club Questions FIAT

1. When Ally invited Albert and Keisha to sit next to her at lunch they talked and bonded and became good friends with eachother.

2. When i first met Colton my first thoughts were “hes loud” but after we got paired up together for a Drama project I got to know him and we became good friends.

3. Who was your first friend at our school (Prince of Peace) and how did you become friends with them?

Week 1 Book Club Questions FIAT

1.  I thought the novel was really good from the start and I enjoyed reading it so much that I finished all 8 of the assigned chapters in one night! I didn’t really connect with the start of the story much at all. What I love so much about this book is the amazing character description and the good storytelling.

2.  The characters that I have met so far are Ally, Mrs. Halls, The old man teacher, Mrs. Silver, Shay and Jessica. Jessica and Shay bully Ally, while Mrs. Halls and the old man teacher try to help her with so called “stupidity”.

3. What would you rate FIAT (Fish In a Tree) out of 5 stars?


Hello From Texas!

Hi, Zion and Trinity Lutheran Schools! I am from Prince of Peace Christian School, our school is in Texas and I’m in 6th grade. We have about 28 students in our class and there are 632 students in our whole school. Our class loves the fried chicken that they serve, because they serve it with good sauces like honey mustard. Some big tourist places we have in Texas is Six Flags, The Texas Fair, Austin Capital Building, and Grandscapes. Our school mascot is Eddie the Eagle. The nickname for Texas “The Lone Star State” from when Texas used to be an independent country! Our school was founded in 1980.

Some facts about me are that I am 12. I am 4ft 11″, I go to Prince of Peace Christian School. I love drawing characters from TV Shows, and I play videogames all the time


We loved reading all the facts about your school!


Aayog, and 6th grade class

100 WC, week 19;

It was a normal day, or so the residents of New York City thought. Today was the day of the NYCSC the New York City Science Competition. Every single school in the area had their kids participate in it. Of course I was competing in the competition. I made a nuclear reactor for the project for the competition. As i was showing the judges the reactor the judges seemed pretty scared of me. I mean like i would be scared of a 12 year old handling a nuclear reactor. As the judges said “And the winner is” *BOOM* the reactor exploded.

Barney w. the time traveler (100 WC week #16)

there was this very unusual boy, his name was Barney Watson. He was one of those people that everyone despised. People would call him names and bully him. As a response to all the hate he has gotten he decided to use his powers. When I said earlier that he was an “unusual boy” I meant it. He had time travel powers and he was already on his way going 2 years back. He gave the Covid19 vaccine to scientists and traveled to 2021. ‘It’s not like last year’, he thought’ everything had changed. every. single thing he had remembered had changed…

My Interview with Halle

Hello! In the Media Lab today we interviewed our friends about books. We had lots of fun making the questions and interviewing each other. In the beginning of making our interviews we made questions about favorite books and favorite authors. Then we shared them to Mrs. Peterson so that she could assign us to someone. I was assigned to Halle I had so much fun doing the interview and it was very simple. Thanks for listening and see you next time! 🙂

How 6th grade is so far (·_·9)

If you didn’t know I just came out of 5th grade and I’m now in 6th grade. 6th grade has been somewhat easy so far and, the work has been pretty simple. Its nearing the end of the quarter so a lot of fun things are happening in school like in math we did these somewhat fun games (I’m calling them somewhat because math isn’t the most “fun” subject). Also to add up to the math our homecoming games and parades were like 2 weeks ago which in my brain is not long ago. We also had a lot of tests recently like all of our classes has had a test and i genuinely hate that, tests are so stressful. Just to lists some things like the build up and how many times the teacher says and makes us do the review sheet, work on worksheets about it, look over the notes, and all that stuff. Realizing that what I just listed is not that much ill start listing the things that will happen in the future! The closest thing in the future is that we have  a  half day Thursday and no day Friday!! After all that to ruin the fun we are gonna get our report cards which isn’t fun 🙁 . After that I have no information about what is gonna happen in the future so yeah! That’s the end of this post. Thank You for Reading!!!


Ps… (future me please make another post about what is happening in the future!!!)