How 6th grade is so far (·_·9)

If you didn’t know I just came out of 5th grade and I’m now in 6th grade. 6th grade has been somewhat easy so far and, the work has been pretty simple. Its nearing the end of the quarter so a lot of fun things are happening in school like in math we did these somewhat fun games (I’m calling them somewhat because math isn’t the most “fun” subject). Also to add up to the math our homecoming games and parades were like 2 weeks ago which in my brain is not long ago. We also had a lot of tests recently like all of our classes has had a test and i genuinely hate that, tests are so stressful. Just to lists some things like the build up and how many times the teacher says and makes us do the review sheet, work on worksheets about it, look over the notes, and all that stuff. Realizing that what I just listed is not that much ill start listing the things that will happen in the future! The closest thing in the future is that we have  a  half day Thursday and no day Friday!! After all that to ruin the fun we are gonna get our report cards which isn’t fun 🙁 . After that I have no information about what is gonna happen in the future so yeah! That’s the end of this post. Thank You for Reading!!!


Ps… (future me please make another post about what is happening in the future!!!)