Hello From Texas!

Hi, Zion and Trinity Lutheran Schools! I am from Prince of Peace Christian School, our school is in Texas and I’m in 6th grade. We have about 28 students in our class and there are 632 students in our whole school. Our class loves the fried chicken that they serve, because they serve it with good sauces like honey mustard. Some big tourist places we have in Texas is Six Flags, The Texas Fair, Austin Capital Building, and Grandscapes. Our school mascot is Eddie the Eagle. The nickname for Texas “The Lone Star State” from when Texas used to be an independent country! Our school was founded in 1980.

Some facts about me are that I am 12. I am 4ft 11″, I go to Prince of Peace Christian School. I love drawing characters from TV Shows, and I play videogames all the time


We loved reading all the facts about your school!


Aayog, and 6th grade class

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